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Employees who have been subjected to sexual harassment at work often feel hesitant to report the harassment due to concerns over potential retaliation. Oftentimes the perpetrator of the harassment is a supervisor or someone in a position of authority. However, all employees deserve to work in an environment free from harassment and any retaliation against an employee for complaining about sexual harassment is illegal.

Here are some initial steps that can be taken to try and prevent sexual harassment from continuing in your workplace:

1. Tell the harasser to stop

If you are able to confront them, verbally tell the harasser that you consider their past conduct to have been inappropriate and that you would like them to refrain from any such conduct in the future. Refer directly to the specific incidents that you considered inappropriate and explain why they were unwanted by you.

If you feel unable to confront the harasser in person, you might consider writing to them, or asking a third party to confront them on your behalf. In some instances, it may take a warning such as this, for the harasser to realize that their advances were unwanted or inappropriate.

2. Write to HR about the harassment

If you are not comfortable speaking to the harasser, put your concerns in writing to your human resources (“HR”) department. HR should then investigate the matter and attempt to stop the harassment from re-occurring. In addition, this writing will serve to establish a paper trail of you having reported the harassment to your employer. This evidence may prove useful in establishing that your employer had notice of the harassment if it later becomes necessary to file a sexual harassment lawsuit.

3. Report the harassment early

Reporting sexual harassment immediately is very important. Firstly, reporting the harassment gives you the opportunity to work in an environment free from future harassment; it notifies the employer of your situation and passes the responsibility on to them to investigate and take steps to prevent reoccurrence.  Secondly, a failure to report sexual harassment early may provide your employer with grounds to assert the “avoidable consequences” defense to any future sexual harassment claim. Essentially, this doctrine provides a defense where the employer was not notified of the sexual harassment early enough. In these circumstances, the employer may argue that any sexual harassment to which you were subsequently subjected could have been avoided had you reported the harassment to them earlier.

It is common for victims of sexual harassment to feel confused or hesitant about reporting sexual harassment. If you would like to speak to one of our sexual harassment lawyers about the best way to go about reporting sexual harassment, please feel free to call us on 800-805-4002.

4. Keep a record of everything

Keep a record of any incidents of sexual harassment, including; dates, times, who witnessed it, where it occurred, exactly what happened, and how you responded to it. In addition, keep a copy of any written or verbal complaints to HR or others, and any other potentially relevant information.

5. Speak to a sexual harassment attorney as soon as possible

Many attorneys offer free confidential consultations and can help to determine whether the conduct you are being subjected to constitutes sexual harassment. A free consultation with a skilled sexual harassment attorney can provide you with confidential advice and support through an emotionally difficult time. Sexual harassment claims are subject to strict time limits in California and any delay may prejudice your legal position.

If you would like to speak to an employment lawyer about your sexual harassment concerns, please feel free to contact us for a free confidential consultation at 800-805-4002.

Victims of sexual harassment may be entitled to compensation even if no employment opportunity has been denied or there has been no actual loss of pay or benefits. If you have been sexually harassed at work, call our office today for a 100% Confidential FREE Consultation.

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