Can I sue my boss for sexual harassment?

Sexual Harassment Lawyer | Los Angeles & California

Sexual harassment at work is entirely unacceptable. It leaves the affected individual feeling emotionally drained and trapped. Employees are often in a difficult position whereby they feel that they must tolerate sexual harassment in order to keep their jobs and be able to provide for their families. Whatever form of sexual harassment you have been subjected to, you should never feel obliged to tolerate it. California employees have extensive legal protection from harassment and discrimination at work.

If your boss has treated you in a way that you feel amounts to sexual harassment call our offices for an entirely free and confidential consultation on 800-805-4002. We can advise you whether the conduct you have bee subjected to amounts to sexual harassment under California or federal law. If you call our office, we do not pressure you into taking action against your employer, but rather we advise you of the options you have available to you, and how you may go about stopping this sexual harassment either with, or without, our assistance.

Sexual harassment can take many forms. It may involve rude comments, sexual jokes, inappropriate gestures, or physical touching or groping. There are numerous circumstances that could amount to sexual harassment at work. We invite you to contact our offices today on 800-805-4002 in order to schedule a free initial consultation with a California sexual harassment attorney, so we can advise you whether you may have a claim and/or what you may be able to do to stop your boss from harassing you in this manner.



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